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LCD Televisions - Technology uncovered

By: soal

LCD is one of the biggest technologies in television at the
moment, set to go head-to-head against plasma screens for the
future of TVs.

But what do LCD televisions mean to you? Well, to begin with,
the picture you get is a lot sharper. By now you've probably
replaced your old bulky computer monitor with a flat, LCD one,
and you've no doubt noticed the difference in picture quality
and clarity. Now the companies behind LCD want it to do the
same for televisions, making them flatter, clearer and
altogether better.

Another thing to note is that the rise of HDTV
(high-definition television) is linked to the rise of LCD
televisions. HDTV allows the original TV signal to be broadcast
in even better quality than a DVD, and digital LCD TVs can then
display the signal perfectly.

It really makes TV as we know it today look ridiculously
primitive by comparison - and if you're willing to splash
out on an LCD TV and an HDTV subscription, you can have it
today. Every year, LCD screens are decreasing in price and
increasing in size, making them an ever-better competitor
against other screen technologies.

When you buy an LCD television, the main things to look forare
size and price, although there are also more technical features
you might be interested in, like colour depth (the number of
colours the screen can display). Response time is one that is
often considered important,as LCDs with a long response time
can produce a blurring effect when showing pictures of something
that is moving quickly. There is also a measurement called dot
pitch, which roughly indicates how sharp the picture produced
by the TV will be (lower numbers are better).

As a final word of advice, if you do decide to buy an LCD TV,
make sure you see it in use in the shop first. You should
watch to see how it handles different kinds of pictures,
and what the display is like compared to other LCDs, as well
as compared to plasma screens.

Article written by John Gibb.

Article Source: http://articles-4-free.com

Author Bio::
John Gibb
california home theater
home theater
email: webmaster_soal@yahoo.com

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