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The attraction of cell phone screensavers

By: Philip Nicosia

The number of cell phone users have grown tremendously over the years. It is quite unprecedented to think that millions of people are already using a technology that could still be considered just getting out of its infancy. Of course, because of the insane level of acceptance for cell phones it is but natural that other markets that can be considered as products of the cell phone craze have popped up to take advantage of the public’s fascination with cell phones.

The market has been flooded with many phone-related products ,accessories and utilities. This phenomenon can be directly linked to the fact that if people are not using their cell phones, they would like to watch it. This attraction for looking at cell phones has resulted in the rising popularity of cell phone screensavers. Cell phone screensavers are just like any other screensaver in that it is a picture or maybe moving graphic that is activated when a cell phone has been left in a state of inactivity for a preset period of time. Of course, the time is set by the user of the phone.

Cell phone screensavers are a very colourful and arresting addition to a cell phone although these types of screensavers are harder to find or get hold of compared to computer screensavers. But this situation is changing because more and more people want to install screensavers on their phones. This increase in the market for screensavers will only mean that screensavers for cell phones will become more readily available soon. At present there are phone manufacturers that already incorporate some screensavers as a stock feature on some of their phone models. Screensavers can also be downloaded on the internet or accessed from the service provider that provides your cell phone line subscription.

Cell phones that have an included phone screensavers as a built in feature are gaining ground in the market. There are phone manufacturers who only put one screensaver in their phone handsets while others give users a choice by putting in more than one screensaver. Of course, it is in the internet that cell phone users can go crazy and get the screensavers that they want. The internet offers cell phone users more options in terms of the kind of screensavers that cell phone owners want. There are so many genres that they can choose from for their phones that can fit not only their personalities, likes and hobbies but even their moods. Some of these screensavers can be downloaded for free while others will require a user to pay for the right to download the screensaver.

But before downloading any screensaver from any of the online sites that provide cell phone utilities and accessories, the first thing a user must do is to identify the size of his cell phone’s screen. Some of the most common cell phone screen sizes are 128X128, 101X80, 128X160, 176X220, or 174X132. A user must identify the correct screen size as well as the compatibility of the screensaver with the cell phone before downloading and installing the screensaver in order to avoid any unpleasant compatibility problems or cell phone crashes.

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