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  • Why Basic Writing Skills are Essential for Your Business Sucess  By : Shaun Stevens
    Basic communication and writing skills are essential in both keeping your job and for you to be promoted in your organization.

    Many people think that with computers and secretaries for upper management that these skills are of little value and importance.

    Nothing can be further from the truth.
    If you want to keep your job as well as rise in your organization basic writing skills are essential .
  • Is Negativity Worth Reward And Recognition  By : Chris Herrmann -
    Project Management is a Cinderella occupation. Nick Garratt knows this only too well. He has to use not only his planning and organizational skills to keep the team of engineers and technicians on timetable, he also has to be the bearer of bad news and the motivator, all in one package. To top it all, the stars of the project are always the designers and the demonstrators. They inevitably receive most of the limelight and are usually first in line for plaudits.

    When is it ...
  • The "Greed Bug" vs. Reliability In Business  By : Judy Thompson -
    Have you ever joined a company or some kind of money-making opportunity thinking that, it was the best thing you’d seen since sliced bread? Then you go to work, spend money on advertising, or telling your friends about this wonderful deal. Maybe you even stayed with this opportunity long enough to make a small bonus check....then, wham! All of a sudden this golden opportunity is gone...completely fizzled...washed down the drain.

    What happened?

    You probably got ...
  • Industrial Psychology And Recognition  By : Chris Herrmann -
    In his job as an accountant, Anthony Stirling felt that the monetary rewards for his job were as good as he could expect. What he found difficult to understand was the feeling of lack of worth that turning up every Monday morning gave him. The office was highly efficient but people very rarely seemed to have time to talk to each other and his boss was a distant figure who barely knew his name.

    The reason why individuals, like Anthony, need recognition, other than money, to...
  • Invest In A U.S. Business And Get An E2 Visa  By : Izzy Buholzer -
    If you would like to live and work in the United States, an E2 investment Visa may be the best way for you to gain entry into the land of opportunity.

    An E2 visa is a special non-immigrant visa that is available to nationals of more than 60 countries. Many of the countries on this list (which you can view at http://www.ibmiami.com/e2visa.htm ) are developing countries whose nationals would otherwise find entry into the U.S. almost impossible.

    In order to get an E2 visa ...
  • How Much Money Does Your Business Need?  By : Dee Power -
    As much as I can get! This would be the answer readily shouted out by most entrepreneurs. The fact is though, both over and underestimating the amount of capital needed to fund a business can have serious negative consequences.

    Underestimating what you need can cause problems ranging from having to go through the whole time consuming fund raising process again, to having to shut down the company because funds have run dry. Having to go back to the original investors and as...
  • Don't Neglect Those Seminar Rituals  By : My Booking Manager -
    Once everything is in place for your seminar, workshop, conference or other event and all of the finishing touches have been applied to the main venue room, make a point of testing the delegate experience. Run a presentation or a video on the screen and try out seats in all corners of the room to check for screen and text visibility. Test the sound level at the furthest point from the stage and remember to compensate for the deadening factor of the audience. You will also wan...
  • Do You Have The Right People To Organize Your Event  By : My Booking Manager -
    Jenny Jones would never have considered she had any skill when it comes to running seminars. She was just quietly and competently doing her job when she was asked to organize an event to help promote the services that her company provides. Fortunately for her, she recognized instantly that she did not have all of the necessary skills herself and, by borrowing some tips from her recruitment experience, amongst other things, she saved herself from a great deal of stress and put...
  • Does Every Business Need A Web Presence?  By : Densill Bosward -
    Many small businesses today are undecided whether or not they should have a website to allow customers to purchase products online or further advertise their services. After all, building a website takes both time and money and hiring someone else to do the job for you costs even more. Some business owners may even think that since their company only consists of an employee or two, they really have no need for an online presence. Still other companies may not even want to sel...
  • To The Salesmen Who Have Prejudged Me... I Want You To Know The Costly Mistakes You Made  By : Helen Robinson -
    Salespeople who prejudge prospects based on appearances, the car in the driveway or the home they live in are missing out on some of the best clients. Having experienced this personally, I hope the two salesmen who decided I couldn’t possibly be a buyer are reading this. They never knew how much they lost.

    My new husband and I relocated to a new city, from the East to the West. We started a marketing company and soon after, opened a printing plant. The hard work and the lo...
  • Home Business Venture  By : Vincent Murphy -
    There is never anything easy about starting a home business. So many people are there to try to knock it down and get you disillusioned. But it has and can be done with effort and work. One has to know what they want and never let it waiver. Know what you are getting yourself into from the start and don't think success is over night. There are five keys ways to staying on track and getting into a successful position.

    Key 1: Obtaining Personal Focus

    You should focus on w...
  • Why Most People Fail In MLM Business  By : Pawel Reszka -
    Multi Level Marketing businesses are being launched almost everyday on the internet. People join MLM because they want to make money by sponsoring other people into the business and that’s how the MLM idea works. Some of them become very successful with it, but almost 90% of them will fail and never make their investment back. MLM companies can be very profitable if they have a good quality product behind it. If you are a good marketer and know how to sell yourself you could ...
  • Book Review - Net Entrepreneurs Only  By : Adam McFarland -
    Everyone loves to read other peoples success stories. It provides us with evidence that amazing things do happen to normal people. By learning what they did to succeed we come one step closer to success ourselves. Such is the case with the ten stories told in Net Entrepreneurs Only – 10 Entrepreneurs Tell the Stories of their Success by Gregory K. Ericksen and Ernst & Young.

    Ericksen interviewed ten of the most successful entrepreneurs at the turn of the century and presen...
  • Test If You Need a Change In Job?  By : cdmohatta
    How to know if you need a change in job? for example say you have a job. You get good pay and are happy with the work.
  • Before Starting A Business  By : Triston Huntsmin -
    For some people the idea of starting a business sounds like the worst idea in the world. They would rather work all the years of their life for someone else than even consider having a business of their own. For others, however, there is nothing more exciting than the thought of starting a business.

    Many people dream of starting a business from the time they are young. These people love the idea of being creative and of selling products they believe in. They love the idea ...
  • Accept Credit Cards Today - For An Absolute Maximum Of 30 Dollars A Month  By : Pearl Deloria -
    You can accept credit card payments at your website within days, and pay no monthly charges and no equipment rental charges.

    Research has shown that customers are nine times more likely to buy from a website if the site accepts credit cards. Everyone knows this but many website owners do not know how to go about accepting credit cards. It is much easier than you think, and does not have to cost a fortune either.

    If your site is selling downloadable goods, like software,...
  • Home Based Business  By : Vincent Murphy -
    There are so many fabulous reasons to start a part time home business. Maybe you are ready to venture out into the world of self-employment, but are worried about diving in too fast. Maybe the market you are venturing into is too small or takes a while to actually generate an income. That is best part about a part time home business you can still do your normal work because this will give you the financial backing you will need to get the business up and running as well as ha...
  • Earn Extra Income Opportunity – Jump On The Advertising Campaign  By : Oliver Turner -
    With millions of blogs and web sites online, many people still miss out on the great online home business opportunity that it provides.

    Advertising on the web has exploded over the last few years. People have begun to realize how many people surf the web, and how some well placed ads can help generate more income for them and give them the perfect earn extra income opportunity and the ability to work at home.

    You can take advantage of this and make money online easily. ...
  • The Confidence To Create Your First Information Product  By : Alice Seba -
    It’s no secret that information products can be a highly profitable online business. For products like ebooks, mp3 recordings and other digital downloads, the start-up and overhead costs are minimal – allowing for a high profit margin. In addition, the ability to attract affiliates with high commission percentage gives you a great advantage in the online marketplace. But maybe you just don’t think your idea is good enough. Or maybe you don’t think you’re a good enough writer....
  • 5 Steps To Get Your Priorities Straight At Home And In Business  By : Jill Hart -
    Operating a successful home-based business is a time-consuming endeavor. This is doubly true as work-at-home moms in that we are responsible not only for the success of our business, but for our family as well. We must be self-reliant, self-motivated, and discipline ourselves in order to attain success in both areas.

    When running a business from home, it’s easy to let the phone calls, emails and paperwork keep you tied down, making you feel that you don’t have time to take...
  • Going Beyond Ebooks - Adding Value & Usability To Your Info Product  By : Alice Seba -
    Many people immediately think of ebooks when they hear the words "information product", but there's so much more you can do with your information products that will make your products more useful to your customers AND will help you make more money.

    Why Your Customer Benefits from Different Information Formats:

    People learn and like to consume information in different ways. Many people do like to read and printed reports or ebooks will do the trick for them. Others like ...
  • Is Your House In The Market For Sale? There Are Online Buyer Specialists!  By : Devisri
    Online home sales professionals don’t charge any brokerage fees (commission) and they proceed through the sales of houses swiftly and in a flexible way with the home sellers and the homebuyers.
  • Business Idea: Podcasts  By : Nell Taliercio -
    Podcasts have been popping up all over the Internet in the past year or so. I have come across podcasts on anything from the latest tech gadgets to gardening tips. With millions of listeners out there and plenty of new people listening to podcasts every single day, now is a great time to start your own podcast and make some money along the way.

    So far podcasts sound pretty similar to an Internet Talk Radio Show, doesn’t it? Even though the two have many similarities, there...
  • 6 Ways To Fund Your New Business  By : Tim Knox -
    I’m often asked: what is the best way to finance a new business venture. This question is usually followed by "So, do you ever invest in new business ventures?"

    The answers, respectively, are: 1. there is no "best" way to fund a new business; and 2. I do invest in new business ventures, but darn it I can’t today because I left my checkbook in my other suit.

    The truth is there are a variety of ways to finance a new business and which way is best for you depends totally o...
  • Use Ecards To Increase Sales  By : cdmohatta
    Marketing Professionals try all the resources at their command to get new clients and to retain old clients
  • With The Economy Surging, The "New" Internet Business Can Earn You Thousands!  By : Connie Upright -
    I don't know if you noticed, but even with gas prices going higher, the economy is improving rapidly. Big companies are buying new equipment and hiring employees at a rapid pace. Suddenly a lot more folks have money in their pockets, and much of that money is flowing directly toward small home-based businesses.

    If you own a home-based business, it's MUCH easier now to make sales than it has been for the past 5 years. We're seeing a LOT of major online players get BACK into...
  • Easy Home Business Ideas For Finding Customers  By : Vincent Murphy -
    What are best avenues to bring customers to you and increase your visibility? In this article, we will look at some methods that business owners have used for many years and have been very successful at increasing their customers and generating more revenue for their business.

    A very effective way to generate business, thus increasing your profits, is to talk to people you know; friends, families, neighbours, hit the pavement, spread the word to everyone you know, especial...
  • Starting A Home Based Business  By : David Hudson -
    Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back from Starting a Home Based Business

    Working at home is a desirable option for lots of people – and why not? Avoiding traffic, maintaining your own schedule, choosing to work in your pajamas
    and being your own boss are all valid reasons for wanting to run a business out of the comfort of your own home. However, the problem is that many people don’t realize that running a home business actually is an option. Held back by fear or a hectic schedul...
  • Do We Really Need A Home Based Business?  By : Rami Doleh -
    In strategic planning they always tell you that you must always have a contingency plan. This means that you must create different probable scenarios of what could happen during the process of your original plan, and create a plan for each probable scenario.

    Of course a plan is made because we need to reach a certain objective. Our objective in this case is to generate an income that would enable us live a kind of life that we aspire to live.

    Since we do not have any mo...
  • Finding Your Niche In The Business World  By : Cheryl Johnson -
    Who am I and what do I love to do? Well, isn't this the twenty million dollar question! A more appropriate question might be "Who was I and what did I love to do?"

    As you search to find yourself, and what it is you love to do, you may find the task harder than you thought it would be. Try to think about your childhood. Can you remember what thrilled you as a child? Like many people you've probably forgotten what brought try joy and excitement to your essence.

    Children i...
  • Private Label Drinking Water for the Hospitality and Lodging Industry  By : Jon M. Stout
    Private label drinking water has been proven to be a powerful, cost effective method of promoting quality brand images and differentiating service offerings. Private label drinking water can aid the Hospitality Industry by building brand loyalty.
  • Dealing With Pressure For The Home-Based Business Entrepreneur  By : Vincent Murphy -
    What is the most effective way to deal with the anxiety that a home-based business entrepreneur experiences? The quick answer is to realize that this is part of being a business owner and to learn to live with it. The anxiety will not go away over night and you may be experiencing it for many years as you look at the profit/loss margins that occur with starting a business and moving to a place where it is stable and successful.

    Many people are drawn to the idea of being se...
  • The All or Nothing Trap in the World of Electronic Bills and Invoices  By : Jeffery J Downs
    Through the years of consulting with businesses on how to implement electronic billing and invoicing I have learned that business will turn down significant savings because of an often unspoken rule that I will call, "all or nothing."
  • Trigger Your Home Based Business To Success With A Good Home Office.  By : Kanaga Siva -
    Seldom do we come across someone starting a home-based business at the spur of the moment. A decision such as this is often made after much thought and deliberation. You are probably no exception. Once you have made this decision, you owe it to yourself to set up a good home office with good working conditions that will inspire and motivate you to spend a few hours within and put in your best effort. A good home office and good working conditions are a necessity so that your ...
  • Organizing Your Home Business  By : Vincent Murphy -
    What is the best way to organize a home-based business? There is the option of having a completely separate room in your home that keeps your business away from the rest of the family life, but that is not as popular as it once was. Many families integrate their home business with their family life and do quite well with this type of arrangement.

    One of the first considerations you should think about is how do you operate? You want your business area set up in a style that...
  • Private Label Drinking Water and Event Planning  By : Jon M. Stout
    Events are an important part of corporate life. Private label drinking water is an ideal and powerful way to promote an event theme.
  • How To Choose The Best Office Chairs  By : David Sanders -
    While many business deals are made outside the office, it is important to furnish one’s office with the proper equipment and furniture. This is important because the office is where you make most of your initial deals, and it is the place you use for planning out and implementing business strategies.

    One of the most important furniture a home office can have is the office chair. There are a variety of office chairs to choose from, depending on the purpose for which they wo...
  • T1 Service - General Overview  By : FullService Broadband Provider -
    The cost of T1 service has dropped considerably since its inception in the early 1960’s. No longer is this service for large corporations only. Mid sized and even small businesses can now benefit from dedicated T1 service. For the home business/home office, this service might still be a bit expensive. It’s best to run your own quotes for service and cost it out. Business grade DSL is a viable and cost effective solution for the smaller business owner and the topic of a future...
  • The Truth About Dropshipping In Australia  By : Rachel Incoll -
    Dropshipping is promoted as being one of the best and easiest ways to make money selling on eBay & the internet. At least that’s what the owners of the countless dropshippers lists available on eBay & the internet want you to believe. It sounds easy, simply sign-up for a wholesaler’s dropshipping service then start advertising their products in online auctions or on your web site. People buy the products, you notify the wholesaler, pay the wholesale price & pocket the profit,...
  • Basic Business Attributes, Do You Have Them?  By : Old Welsh Guy -
    How many times have we heard the saying “we learn from our mistakes”. I have to agree with this saying, and also that the lessons we learn hardest we learn best! I have learned a lot from my mistakes, sadly (for me) most of them were made before the Internet existed as the fantastic networking tool it is today. Today it is possible to read articles or join a forum and get great advice (and not so great advice) from forums.

    While it is great to learn from our mistakes, it i...
  • Home Base Business  By : Vincent Murphy -
    Home-based businesses that become successful may end up having to leave the home eventually for expansion. This can be a very hard decision to make for the owner. The idea of now spending more money to expand can be scary. One does not have many of the money sucking problems as the business owners of yesteryears. The really long leases, huge security deposits, renovations, and equipment costs are not that bad anymore. There are many options today for the home business owner t...
  • Investment Property: Part 1  By : Adam Smith
    Learning the real estate basics.
  • Understanding Employee Performance  By : Adam Smith
    Increase productivity.
  • Enhancing Business with Dashboard Software  By : Adam Smith
    Dashboard software can do wonders for your business.
  • Dashboard to the Rescue  By : Adam Smith
    Improving with the dashboard.
  • Making Custom Charts Easy  By : Adam Smith
    Custom charts can help you.
  • Time to Create Graphs  By : Adam Smith
    Create Graphs with ease.
  • Work At Home Moms And Dads! You Can Do It While Raising The Kids!!  By : Richard Sadlowski -
    Moms and dads who stay at home with their children can take advantage of the many work at home opportunities available online. The chance to work at home and earn money while staying home with the kids is wonderful. There are many reasons for a person to start working at home and many benefits of working at home. All it takes is a little understanding about working at home and a person can get started in finding their best home business.

    There are so many reasons for a par...
  • Think You Don't Have What It Takes To Own Your Own Business? Think Again!  By : Lena Kova -
    Years ago when the Internet first started, just about everybody thought they could jump in and profit from their own home-based business. And why not?

    The optimism is warranted. A home-based business can give you immense time freedom to be with the ones you love, pursue your interests, or simply earn a good income without having to commute to a job and boss.

    Within a few years, just about all of us working online knew people who had succeeded magnificently in their home...
  • Spring! And How Does Your Garden (Business) Grow?  By : Dee Power And Brian Hill -
    The first step is to map out how large an area you want for your garden (business plan) and what types of seeds (new products) you want to plant (launch). You might try starting the plants indoors (test marketing) before exposing them to the perils of he natural elements (retail market). Don't forget to prepare the soil before you plant. You may need some soil amendments (new marketing VP) to give the seeds products) the best chance of sprouting (being profitable). Some garde...
  • How To Start An Online Home Business With Little Or No Capital  By : David Nettey -
    I have had quite a couple of emails from my newsletter subscribers complaining that the internet is springing up with so many ideas and ways to make money online, but all of these are nothing more than ways to suck money out of poor individuals who are searching for a legitimate and genuine online home business. Some of them are of the opinion that you have got to have the technical know how to build and maintain a website or invest massively to have some one build this for y...
  • The Importance Of Preparing A Business Plan  By : David Sanders -
    While employment is a surefire way of securing your future, there are always those who believe that entrepreneurship should be a priority not only among those who are already established in life but also for students who have just finished their studies. Other people believe that getting involved with a profitable business is still the way to go if one wants to be financially successful in the future.

    People who immediately go into business without any plan at all are the...
  • Is Starting A Home Day Care Right For You?  By : Emily MacGregor -
    Starting a home daycare business is a good way to make extra money, especially for stay at home moms. The start up costs are low, it's easy to promote a home daycare, and the money is good. Because of today's popularity with dual income families, childcare providers are in high demand in many areas.

    So what's the downside? Is there a downside? Unfortunately the answer is yes, there is a downside to any business venture, be it child care, opening a restaurant or working fro...
  • Offering Different Methods Of Payment  By : Vincent Murphy -
    Every good business person knows that one of the best ways to boost sales and traffic to their product is to allow for multiple payment options. By offering many different methods of payment, you allow the masses to all be equal in the purchase of the same goods. This eliminates the upper scale clients from having this product while keeping the less than fortunate from going without. There are many fashions of payment these days that can accommodate just about everyone.

  • 4 Steps To Making Your Home Business A True Automated System  By : Nick Bramble -
    You hear it al the time if you have been involved or are involved in the home business or internet business industry:

    “You need a system to succeed.”

    I like to take this a step further. You not only need a “system”, but in order to get the most out of your home business opportunity, you need to have an Automated System. To take that even one step further, your Automated System must hit your prospects from EVERY angle in order to achieve the highest levels of prosperity....
  • Home Business Taxes  By : Vincent Murphy -
    Just the thought of taxes can scare people out of their minds. You have to keep all your records and documents in order to be able to file easier at the end of the year. Home business owners have their own set of allowable deductions that differ from other businesses. You have a chance to save a lot of money by knowing how to take advantage of you home business situation.

    Know what your deductions are. There are several deductibles that the home-based business owner is ent...
  • Wealth Building Tips from Drew  By : drew miles
    The wealthiest and most successful people don’t run themselves ragged. They stop long before running out of steam, taking small- and large-scale breaks to re-charge when needed. You can’t do your best thinking when you’re running at 80 percent. Take at least two or three three-day weekends each quar
  • Keeping Colleagues Happy With Birthday Ecards  By : cdmohatta
    Sending birthday ecards to colleagues to express your friendship and care, is one of the easiest ways to show your warmth and feelings for them. Most of us operate with colleagues.
  • Grow Your Business By Finding Your “Hidden” Organization  By : Pamela S. Harper -
    Have you ever wondered what enables some entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their businesses while others go flat, or worse? Their secret lies in their ability to find and lead what I call their “hidden” organization. You may think you don’t have an organization, hidden or otherwise, especially if your business consists of a “gang of one” or there are only a few employees on staff. But the fact is that even the smallest businesses have an organization, and your success or fa...
  • Business Franchising – Just What Should You Look For In A Franchise?  By : John Thompson -
    What is a Franchise?

    · An authorization to sell a company's goods or services in a particular place
    · A business established or operated under an authorization to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a particular area.

    How did franchising start?

    One of the earliest franchisors was the Singer Sewing Machine® Company, which set up dealers shortly after the Civil War to sell and repair its revolutionary machines throughout the country. Shortly after the ...
  • Business Incorporation – Your Guide To The Best Online Resources  By : John Thompson -
    Just what is an LLC? Here's a definition from Lectric Law Library's Lexicon:

    A business structure that is a hybrid of a partnership and a corporation. Its owners are shielded from personal liability and all profits and losses pass directly to the owners without taxation of the entity itself.

    What should you now before joining in an LLC?

    Forming a limited liability company is more complex than forming a partnership, but is less complicated than forming and operating a...
  • Evaluating Home Business Opportunities  By : Vincent Murphy -
    When trying to start a home business, look into fields that interest you. You must enjoy what you are about to embark on because you will be spending a lot of time in this field.

    Just because you love something doesn’t mean it will sell well. Make sure that what you pick has a market. You want paying customers to come to your site and buy what you have to offer. So where can you go to find out some great business opportunities? Well you can go into your browser and type in...
  • Make Money Online With Your Website  By : Bing Zou
    Attractive, convenient and useful plus secure are what you have to think about your business website.
  • Turn Your Hobby Into A Successful Business (With Minimal Investment!)  By : Antonio Thornton -
    Many of the world’s most successful businesses began as a hobby. Probably the most popular company that actually began as a hobby is the major online auction site of Ebay. Other well known companies that were hobbies first include Dell Computers, Famous Amos Cookies, and Wendy’s.

    If you’ve been considering starting your own business, but haven’t determined exactly what that business should be- think about the types of activities you enjoy doing. What are your hobbies? Do y...
  • The Home Business Dilemma  By : Rami Doleh -
    How often do we dream of having our own business? How often do we day dream about doing this and doing that if we had our own business?

    We would start imagining how we would treat our employees, our customers, our partners. How we would do it different than what we are seeing at the workplace of our day job.

    After all those positive thoughts our minds start drifting to the negative side. Why can't we have our own business? Then the answer would always roam around not ha...
  • Can You Get Rich Investing? Yes, But Think Differently!  By : Denson Kelley -
    Remember back in the 1990s when a lot of people either retired early or became wealthy? It was relatively simple. With stock prices going up, up, up, I knew a lot of people who simply invested part of their paychecks. They ended up with several hundred thousand dollars in profits from their constantly rising stocks.

    I knew others who had already amassed several hundred thousand by the time the stock boom came along. They were millionaires by the time the 1990s ended.

  • Best Home Based Business  By : Vincent Murphy -
    So you want to start your own business and want to know what the hottest markets are. Well here they are, the best business ideas of 2006. These are what is hot right now and a great investment.

    1. Tea: This is one the hottest trends out there. Teas are offered in organic brands, mixes, and in individual bags. The health benefits alone will give you content to drive business your way.

    2. Online Specialty Foods: Many people are just not interested in hamburgers and hotd...
  • B2B EIPP - The Mystery Unraveled  By : Jeffery J Downs
    Gartner group reports that a business can save 10.1 million dollars by converting their invoicing to electronic means over the internet. However, what they are not saying is how to get business customers to adopt the solution. In other words, to broker that type of savings from an online billing solution you need to have customers use it otherwise it is a great idea with no value.
  • Business for pleasure  By : Ariel Abbott
    We might be in the electronic gaming era, but it’s more like a fun game
    of Monopoly this business for pleasure of sport franchise ownership.
    The stakes are high, spending free, and visible worries few.
  • Want To Be Wealthy? Don't Stop Dreaming!  By : Garry Finlay -
    If I asked 100 people if they would like to be rich, I'm sure at least 98 of them would answer yes. Their answer might range from, "maybe if the conditions were right" to "YES, and make it fast!"

    Most people think of the wealthy as being reserved and probably a bit cautious. The thinking goes that if the millionaire wasn't very cautious with how he spends his money, he wouldn't have a million dollars left.

    But a closer look at who gets wealthy gives a far different pic...
  • Top Tips For Starting Your New Business  By : Roy Babineaux -
    Prices are going up, up, up and just about everybody is needing a little extra cash these days. This is probably the best time ever for you to own your own small business.

    Now before you start thinking you'll have to get a bank loan, remember that you can own a small home-based business for just a few dollars--or even FREE.

    You can easily run your home business from your kitchen table and, frankly, you can finance your business from a few bucks you save out of the groce...
  • Working At Home With An Uncooperative Spouse  By : Wendy Betterini -
    When we first decide to make the transition from an outside job to a home-based job or business, some of us might face a dilemma -- a spouse who suddenly seems uncooperative and difficult. Even if our spouse is usually good-natured, we might find ourselves enmeshed in arguments and battles for control over our own careers.

    While this can be frustrating, it is important to understand that our spouses are probably not trying to be difficult without reason. More likely, they ...
  • Work - Satisfying Goals  By : cdmohatta
    Every business talks of goals. No business can run without goals and no business can achieve anything without goals.
  • How To Succeed With Your Online Home Business  By : Adam Thompson -
    Would you like to know exactly what you need to do to make your internet home business a success? In this article, I'm going to show you the simple steps that I've used to make my online business a smashing success.

    Step 1: Be sure that your product is in demand on the internet

    You can use Overture's keyword suggestion tool to help you out with this. Be sure that there are plenty of people searching for keywords related to your product or service. At the same time, chec...
  • Tracking For Profits  By : Paul Lemberg -
    If you can't track it, don't do it.

    Every high-performance venture needs a tracking system. A tracking system with well-designed metrics lets everyone know how well they are doing relative to their commitments. It is a guide to whether additional or extraordinary actions need to be taken.

    It is one of the first things I set up with my business coaching clients because without a clear set of objective metrics it is hard for people to be clear about their results.

  • Succeeding in the wholesale handbags business  By : Steve Pavis
    Women love handbags, and will find any excuse to buy them. They are one
    of the easiest ways to change or update a look, and because of that,
    they will buy frequently—especially if they are sold at a good price
  • Creating Blissness From Your Business: Living In Rhythm With Your Heart And Soul  By : Anne Bennett Bennett -
    The word blissness came to me as a result of a challenge issued to me by my creativity coach. She was praising me on the progress I’d made in my fledgling business. I actually shuddered when she said the word "business," as it conjured up images of women in austere dark suits clutching heavy briefcases, sitting in endless boring meetings and never having time to do what they really wanted to do.

    My coach suggested that if I didn’t like the word business, to think of a dif...
  • Lowest Price – Enjoy Fast Profits  By : Sharon Albright -
    Lowest price of any product is the price that is set at the minimum without undergoing any loss by either the businessmen or the customers. Before you fix the lowest prices, you should research on factors like what to sell, how to sell and whom to sell. After these factors are decided you should fix the prices of the products and services that you want to sell.

    How to win a price war?

    A close research on Economics suggests that price is the result of demand and supply. ...
  • Profiles Of The Powerful: Advertising Exec Mary Austen  By : Laura Schweiker -
    When you spend time with Mary Stengel Austen, you come away with one feeling. "That woman is affable." After thinking it over, you might find other words which describe her: smart, realistic, enthusiastic, tough minded, determined, articulate, strategic, focused. But you'll always include affable in your memory of her because that's what she is.

    Perhaps she has to be that way because of the two most significant challenges in her life: managing five small children and manag...
  • Book Review: Start Your Own Business  By : Adam McFarland -
    If you want to start a business, but don't know where to start, then the place to start is with "Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need" by Rieva Lesonsky. The book is put out by Entrepreneur Press and is essentially a compilation of Entrepreneur Magazine's large knowledge database regarding starting a business.

    The book literally takes you through the entire business process - from determining if you really have what it takes to run a business to...
  • How To Write Killer Business Plans - Part 2  By : Neil Best -
    Keep your eye on the Executive Summary

    The first thing your potential funding audience needs to be reading is your executive summary. There is a saying in the film industry that no great script is written, only rewritten, and in a way that's how you need to treat your executive summary. It's the most essential part of your plan because it acts like a shop window to the plan inside, and it needs to draw the potential investor in.

    Why use 5 words when you can use 3? Why b...
  • Deals – The Ideal Business Deal  By : Sharon Albright -
    Deal is an agreement that is reached after negotiation. Agreement is a mutual commitment between two or more people. A deal is a type of contract that two parties agree to follow. Deals are very prevalent in business areas, thus we are constantly hearing terms like business deals, financial deals and more.

    While making a deal with another company or person, there are a few things that you should remember. When you are negotiating with another company, take charge of the si...
  • Sell Your Knowledge: Turning Your Hobby Into Profits  By : Antonio Thornton -
    Everyone has a hobby of some kind - most people have several. There are people who collect stamps; people who make scrapbooks or create graphic designs with their digital photos; people who love horseback riding, hiking or bicycling. Maybe you do something that you don't even know is considered a “hobby”. Technically, anything that you engage in for fun that is outside of your occupational activities is considered a hobby- so chances are you have lots of hobbies!

    Have you ...
  • When You’re At Home With Your Business  By : Vincent Murphy -
    There is a plethora of information important to know when running a home business. Whether you are considering running a home business, have just started, or have been in the business for some time, you need to stay up-to-date with key ideas and tips for running a home business. Below are just a few of the many ideas and tips to get you started.

    1. Make sure you check into registrations and licenses, taxation, and insurance for your home business. If this seems foreign to ...
  • Starting A Business: Sole Proprietor Or Corporation?  By : Kris Bickell -
    When starting a business, it is important to consider the potential tax and legal issues. Most people choose a "sole proprietor" as their business type when starting out. Starting your business as a sole proprietor does not require any special paperwork from the IRS.

    Which is exactly why most people start out this way. Being a sole proprietor means that you and the business are one and the same.

    According to the IRS:

    "A sole proprietorship is an unincorporated busi...
  • Entity Structuring  By : drew miles
    Entity structuring is the use of limited partnerships, limited liabilities, and corporations. These can help you accomplish three things:
  • Business - Strategy and Execution  By : cdmohatta
    Every company aims to formulate good strategy and execute that strategy well.
  • Attracting (And Keeping) Top Performers  By : Paul Lemberg -
    Good people are hard to find, the saying goes. For example, by the year 2000 over 190,000 computer programmer and other information technology jobs will be vacant, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report. (This is now a bit out of date, and although the dot-com bustups and the 2000-2001 recession has eased things a bit, it is still difficult to lure top talent.) It may be easy to fill these empty positions if you are a software giant like Microsoft, but there is a tr...
  • Mini Moto Engines  By : Justin Brown
    Industrial engines. They are still used by several manufacturers (most notably Blata on their entry level bike) and typically produce between 2.5 and 3.5 horse power (hp). All are air-cooled. Tuning and performance parts are very limited.
  • How To Really Make Money From Home  By : Corbin Forbes -
    I was sitting around today and I was trying to figure out what to right about in regards to my next article; it’s hard because the subjects remain the same but the details change daily. I sat around and decided I would share my thoughts in regards on how I’ve made my website successful; I’ve done this before but I think I’ve figured out a way to express my true feelings in regards to home businesses. I signed a contract my mentor proposed to me, so I can never go too far, and...
  • Automated Business Center Systems  By : Jon Viney -
    Automated Business Center Systems are charging into the home office and sweeping aside many of the old-fashioned ways of doing business. They offer a quantum jump in efficiencies and are fundamentally changing the way part-timers run their home based businesses.

    Imagine having an automated system in place that delivered all of your personally addressed promo material electronically to interested people. Then persistently – and without any fear of rejection – did the follow...
  • Dropshipping With Ebay Work From Home  By : Joe Richey -
    How Dropshipping works with eBay By Joe Richey SwapSellTrade.Com

    Dropshipping is a term used in reference to a type of retail sales, where the retailer does not keep goods for sale in stock. The retailer is in charge of passing the customer's order with their shipment details to a wholesaler, dropshipper or third party provider, who dispatches the goods requested by the customer directly.

    Retailers using this sales model make their profit on the difference between the ...
  • How To Start An Arcade Game Business  By : Nati Roberts -
    You probably have been to arcade game establishments and saw how great an arcade game business can be. It is always filled with people who are interested to play. You will always hear the cash registers sound “ding” as indication of another customer's payment.

    Arcade games are great businesses. It is always attracting people and always producing great income.

    Arcade businesses provide entertainment for the whole family. Teenagers and young adults alike go to arcade gam...
  • Understanding the Cash Flow  By : Adam Smith
    Find out more about the details of the cash flow.
  • BJ’s Wholesale: The Club That Helps To Save Money  By : John Rivers -
    BJ’s is a wholesale club situated in Natick, Massachusetts, started in 1980s and functions as a warehouse club in the eastern part of the United States. Since the 3rd of November, 2005, BJ’s managed almost 161 warehouse clubs and a majority of it operates gasoline stations and only 2 belong to operating restaurant supplies.

    They sell over 7,500 products. Most of the products of BJ’s include processed foods, meat and dairy products. Beverages, dry good, fresh flowers and h...
  • Know The Secrets Of Purchasing Wholesale  By : Lavinia Snider -
    Everybody loves buying – clothes, shoes, flowers, electronics, games and other things. Most people do not even care about how much money it will cost them just to purchase the things they need and want.

    In addition of course, everybody loves to get a good deal, though some people are better in getting great deals than others. Perhaps you are asking why? It is because, some people are able to purchases everything that they want from clothes and body jewelry down to furnitu...
  • Wholesale Clothing: Discounts For Your Business  By : Sandra Stammberger -
    Ever thought of starting your own fashion business?

    If you answered yes, try to buy wholesale clothing before starting your business. Buying Wholesale clothing branded or not branded, can give you great discounts and resell them with high profit margins. Buying wholesale clothing can give you many benefits as a businessman.

    Businessmen who buy wholesale clothing and resell them at a bargain price can accumulate huge profits from their customers. This is because they can...
  • Focus On A Well-Defined Niche Market For Greater Success  By : Larry Potter -
    Let me ask you this... "What do most people go online for?"

    If you said "INFORMATION" - then you are absolutely right.

    And besides, that IS and always will be the Internet's primary purpose and will always be one of the main reasons why people come online to search for.

    So, with that said, you should now have a good idea as to why Niche Content Sites are the way to go if you are looking to build a network of sites that will produce a nice residual income for years t...
  • Buying a permanent home in Spain - Where, and what to buy  By : Debbie Cooper
    Spanish Pueblo or Expat Community? The advantages and disadvantages to be wary of when choosing a permanent home in Spain
  • Buying a holiday home in Spain – Buying to Rent in Spain  By : Debbie Cooper
    When buying a holiday home in Spain, careful consideration should be given to location, especiallyl if you intend to cover a mortgage with holiday or long term rentals. Not everyone appreciates an isolated country villa where you have to spend two weeks using an outside ‘loo’ and pumping water from a well!

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