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498 ViewsArthritis Pain—How to Avoid Accidental Acetaminophen Poisoning  By : Barbara Allan
During cold and flu season, people who take acetaminophen for arthritis are at risk for acetaminophen poisoning. Taking maximum recommended dose of just two acetaminophen-containing products, for instance, a pain reliever and a cold remedy, can cause acute liver failure.
276 ViewsViral E-books  By : Corey Morehouse
viral marketing e-books are a great way to create a wave of subscribers without lifting a finger, find out how to use them correctly...
216 ViewsRemove Blackworm Virus  By : Edward -
Blackworm is a nasty internet worm which can delete DOC, XLS, MDE, MDB, PPT, PPS, RAR, PDF, PSD, DMP, and ZIP files. In addition to Blackworm, the worm has been named Kama Sutra, Blackmal, MyWife and Nyxem. This worm started on the 3rd of February and has been programmed to attack an infected computer on the 3rd of every month thereafter. So far it has been estimated that over 300,000 computers all over the world have been infected. Besides destroying those types of files, th...
144 ViewsTop 7 Reasons to Submit Your Articles to A New Article Directory Submission Site  By : Laurie Meade
It is a well known fact with successful online internet marketers
that writing articles to promote traffic to your website is a very successful avenue to pursue.

It is however, an ongoing and sometimes tedious task. Suppose..........
132 ViewsJava Hashtable  By : Rahim Vindhani
Know Basics of Java Hashtable.
127 ViewsWhat's The Difference Between: A Lawyer, Solicitor, Advocate, Barrister, Counselor, And An Attorney?  By : Amit Laufer -
Have you ever wondered where all these somewhat confusing terms came from? Well the answer is they are all types of Lawyers originated from various legal systems. Some of the terms are from the English legal system, some are from Scotland and some from the American legal system.

An Attorney is somebody legally empowered to represent another person, or act on their behalf.

A Lawyer is somebody who can give legal advice and has been trained in the law.

Are Attorney and...
103 ViewsNautical Star Tattoos The History, Meaning And Symbolism: What A Strange Mix!  By : Chris Ryerson -
The history, meaning and symbolism of nautical star tattoos is a hotly debated topic. Today many different groups have adopted the Nautical star tattoo as a symbol for their own movement and they have all ascribed their own meaning and history to the symbol. Thus has lead to a wide disagreement as the the meaning of the tattoo.

Historically most everyone agrees that Sailors were the first people to get nautical star tattoos. In fact the very word nautical relates back to s...
100 ViewsHow Does ACL Reconstruction Work?  By : Gray Rollins -
The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is one of the major ligaments in the knee. Damage to this ligament often occurs after a blow to the knee. This often happens in sports related injuries and is seen a lot in American football players after experiencing a side tackle. Other sports such as soccer, skiing, basketball, cheerleading and rugby also have high instances of players suffering ACL injuries. The effects of this injury are debilitating and can take an extended period o...
97 ViewsBenifits of staying at a Bed & Breakfast  By : Jere Kibler
Wouldn't it be nice to go on vacation and take your bedroom with you? To enjoy the comfort of your own bed?
82 ViewsGet That Flat Stomach Look? Get Rid Of Big Tummy, Pot Belly And Beer Belly Fast.  By : Chris Chew
How to get that flat stomach look and get rid of big tummy, pot belly and beer belly fast?

By exercising your Transversus Abdominus Muscle. This is the muscle in your abdomen that holds your stomach in giving you the flat belly look. This muscle acts like a corset around your tummy by holding your tummy in and if the muscle is weak, your belly will be distended more easily making your tummy looking much bigger than it should just like having a beer belly. This is one of th...
79 ViewsHow To Handle Rejection  By : My Relationship Tips
No one escapes the pain caused by rejection. Time comes when, for no obvious incident and reason, another person turned against us and throws some unkind remark. Rejection is an inevitable part of our life and it can be one of the greatest fears that can cause utmost damage to our personality and to our life. When someone rejects us, we have a propensity to feel so small, unloved, worthless, very much insecure and insignificant. We even lose our self-confidence oftentimes and...
78 ViewsOn NEWBIE Matters  By : inger nilsson
Optimization - Traffic

... It is all about key words, linking, meta tags, titles and such thing, to put with your site when you post it. This stuff feed the search engines to push your site forward from within and from underneath ...
76 ViewsChoice Privileges Visa Platinum Card  By : S.E. Kirk
For business owners and family members alike, a credit card offer that includes a way to earn points toward travel is a great deal. A travel reward credit card is one that gives you the ability to earn credit with various aspects of the travel experience simply by using you card when you make your every day purchases. The Bank of America credit card that offers this service with the most flexibility is the Choice Privileges Visa Platinum Card.

Credit card features:

Of t...
75 ViewsMesothelioma: What is it and why is it becoming so so well known?  By : Jere Kibler
The mesothelium is a protective lining for cavities in the body and secretes a lubricating fluid into these cavities.
Mesothelioma cancer develops from the cells of this lining.
75 ViewsWeight Loss, Diet, Health, Fitness, And Eating Disorders: 7 Steps To Taking Control Of It All With The Ultimate Self Help Book  By : Kelly Burris
Reprogramming the Overweight Mind: 7 Steps to Taking Control of Your Subconscious has become the definitive book for behavior change. It is the ultimate self help book because all of the documents necessary to perform a clinical study are contained within an included Audio/Data CD. When psychologists, physicians, or psychiatrists ask me to prove my book is the definitive document for behavior change, I am happy to accommodate.

Since its introduction into psychiatric care ...
74 ViewsSigns Of Interest  By : David Thomas -
When flirting, you should be on the lookout for signs of interest. If you see at least four of the following signs in the body language of the person you are with, it is likely that they are interested in you, and you are being given a green light to move things further!

1. Lengthy eye contact. Eye contact maintained over a period of four seconds or more is unusual between casual acquaintances or friends, but not amongst lovers; and it can be rather intimidating, but if yo...
73 ViewsPoker Tournaments: Gap Concept  By : J Finney -
Sometimes in tournaments there come times when a special situation arises. One of these situations that a player can encounter during a poker tournament is known under the name of “The gap concept”.

The terminology of gap concept was first pioneered by an extraordinary poker writer named David Skylansky. This basically means that when you are playing poker you can find yourself in the situation when you just need a hand that is better than the one you are holding in order...
71 ViewsCredit Card Consolidation  By : S.E. Kirk
It is not uncommon for families or individuals to find themselves in the midst of credit card debt. Many people wonder if credit card debt consolidation is for them. What is involved in this process? Basically, a credit card balance transfer takes place so that all your credit cards are consolidated into one card. You receive one statement and deal with one company for the full balance of all your cards. Several companies offer this type of deal, and a Citi credit card is a g...
71 ViewsFour Hot Signs Of Attraction  By : Pick Up Guide -
In today’s society, beauty, physical attraction, and sexuality are all commonly misunderstood as some transcendent inevitable fact; falsely interlocking the three makes it seem doubly true that in order to initiate attraction between a man and a woman, both sexes should be beautiful to be sexual.

That of course is not true at all. The definitions of beautiful, attraction, and sexual constantly change to serve the social order, and the connection between the three ideas is ...
70 ViewsFarming World of Warcraft Arcanist Doan  By : Ruibo Chen
Arcanist Doan is one of the most rewarding bosses to farm in World of Warcraft. I can easily average about 20 gold per hour using this method with a Rogue.
66 ViewsScuba Diving In Musandam - Oman  By : Uli Mewes -
The Sultanate of Oman is the second largest country on the Arabian Peninsula, lying along its southeast corner. It has a total land area of 300,000 square kilometres and a population of over two million.

The Musandam, separated from the rest of Oman by the United Arab Emirates, is the northernmost part of the Sultanate.

Due to its geographical position and mountainous terrain it was isolated from the rest of Oman and the region developed at its own pace. Graded roads cu...
65 ViewsCash Back Credit Cards  By : S.E. Kirk
Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some of that money you spend on credit card purchases back every year? Well, you can. A cash back credit card is the way to go for people who want all the benefits of shopping with a credit card, plus the perks of belonging to a credit company that offers a credit card online. The Bank of America credit card that offers the most flexible form of the cash back reward program is the Financial Rewards Visa Platinum.

When shopping for a cr...
61 ViewsBank Of America Credit Cards  By : S.E. Kirk
Most people want to apply for a credit card online and get the best deal available, including a low interest rate, a reliable credit company, and some sort of reward program like a travel credit card offers. The Bank of America credit card is a card you can trust. They are available online at http://www.bankofamerica.com, and one of the most popular travel credit card they offer is the Bank of America MilesEdge card.

This card offers a great value for a low interest rate a...
61 ViewsBuild Big Strong Shoulder Muscles For V Shape Upper Body – Build Big Deltoids  By : Chris Chew -
Most people think that in order to get that V shaped upper body like comic book super heroes, they only have to develop big broad back muscles and lats. Well, by having broad back muscles and well developed lats is only part of the equation to get a V shape upper body. For complete V shape upper body development, you will also need to build a powerful chest, big strong shoulder muscles or commonly called deltoids or delts for short and a slim waist.

We shall discuss how to...
61 ViewsYour Budget And Rising Petrol Prices  By : Melanie Carne -
If you have a mortgage and are not struggling with the increasing cost of petrol … you are in the minority. And if you aren’t struggling now, how will you fare when the flow on effect of high petrol costs starts to increase the cost of living across the board. For many Australians the question of how to cover all their bills and maintain a decent standard of living for their families will soon become a pressing one.

As you struggle with this challenge, you may discover tha...
61 ViewsStop Lying Now  By : Kim Olver -
Do you have a consistent problem with your child lying to you, even though he or she is normally a “good” child? Sometimes the lies are even about things that don’t really matter or your child continues to lie in the face of overwhelming proof to the contrary?

It is my firm belief that we will not end lying behavior in our children until we take away the consequences for telling the truth. This is a concept explored in greater detail within Nancy Buck’s book, Peaceful Pare...
60 ViewsHow Often Should You Call A Woman?  By : Datehow.com Staff -
We all know that communication is key to a healthy relationship. What some men might not realize is the importance of phone calls. How often to call a girlfriend? When to call a girl? How often to return a girl's calls?

The telephone- a miracle of the modern age, allowing communication through vast distances. Although this wonder tool has been one of man's most important assets throughout human history, it has also been the source of some of man's biggest dilemmas and man...
58 ViewsBenifits of Web Directories  By : Jere Kibler
Have you been searching for ways to increase your listing in the search engines? Tired of exchanging links with other web site owners and seeing little difference in your search engine ranking?
58 Views5 Tips on Using Private Label Content  By : Guy.T
Private Label Content is becoming increasingly popular as people
join the rush to fill their websites with high-quality
information. Admittedly, you can have articles written by
freelance writers at sites like Elance or Rentacoder, but it gets
expensive. For those who are not yet generating a high income
through AdSense or affiliate sales, Private Label Content (PLC)
provides a welcome alternative.
58 ViewsMortgage Brokering as a Freelance Business Opportunity  By : Guy.T
In the mortgage business there are two foundational areas of involvement. One is the position of "loan officer," the other is working as a "broker." The loan officer for the most part earns from what is called "personal production," which means you are earning from what you are able to personally produce by bringing mortgage business into your employer's office. In some cases you may be paid a base salary and/or draw, but then you will be paid less in commissions by the company (broker) you are working for.
through AdSense or affiliate sales, Private Label Content (PLC)
provides a welcome alternative.
58 ViewsAdult Friendfinder, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly  By : Frank Hague -
First of all, let's define "friend".

Do we want to find an "old" friend?

Lots of websites specialize in helping you find an "old" existing Friend.

These sites are called "classmates", "reunions", "public records" or names along the lines of trying to find acquaintances from way back, from school, the Service or previous jobs.

Do we want to find "people"?

We can use "publicbackgroundcheck", "usa-people-search", "peoplefinders" types of sites for finding people.
58 ViewsMarching Along  By : Deanna Mascle
10 multiple choice trivia questions about the month of March
57 ViewsIF, An Online Internet Marketing Addiction Poem  By : Laurie Meade
IF, An Online Internet Marketing Poem

If before you have turned on the coffee, or got your kids fed,
If you are the last one dressed and ready to leave the house,

While others in the family get ready, .................
57 ViewsHigh Yield Investing Is Like A Game Of Poker  By : Brian Kay
We often get newbies emailing us asking whether or not investing in HYIP's is worth the time and the risk. This is a great question and the short answer is "it all depends".

First of all, the main question you must ask yourself before investing in any HYIP is: "Do you plan on investing money that you will definitely need in the future?" In other words, is your life going to be made worse off if you lose the money that you plan to invest? Unlike secure Stocks, Bonds, and o...
57 ViewsMotivate Unmotivated Students With These Surprising Motivators  By : Ruth Wells -
So many youth believe that they are already prepared to live independently, and don't need anymore training or education before embarking on life on their own. Here are some very creative ways to show youth that education will be essential to their future. All these interventions focus on common adult transportation problems. If your youngsters don't readily have the answers to these adult situations, perhaps they also don't "know it all" about other key adult independent liv...
55 ViewsCompulsive Gambler's Journey To Week One Stop Gambling  By : Howard Keith
We take you through the first week that Arlene made the conscious decision to stop gambling. This was a very emotional period where Arlene's self esteem was at the lowest in her life. She's a single woman who was just about to turn thirty-six years old and her life was crumbling around her.
55 ViewsResellerspanel.com Launches a cPanel Reseller Hosting Program  By : Ross Todoroff
Resellerspanel.com has launched a cPanel reseller hosting program, which offers four plans, perfect for those who wish to sell hosting to their own customers.
55 ViewsBusiness Collaboration in a true value chain  By : Harry Greene
How can businesses collaborate across a value chain, if we cannot build a value chain in one business? We must structure the business as a chain where each link has a value and costs incurred to total the shared value of the chain. Two
businesses with similar chains can relink a new chain to collaborate for shared value.
54 ViewsWireless Installation Checklist  By : Lee Asher
Buyer Beware - Ignorance can be a financial waste and a lot of hassals. Before you buy any wireless equipment, you need to be sure about what you're doing.
54 ViewsAmazing Trivia Part 1  By : Jan Michaels
I admit it .. I LIKE trivia, tho it serves no purpose for me since I can never remember any to bring up in conversation. But still, it is fun, so I've created this list of amazing trivia that I found to be absolutely riveting.
54 ViewsL.A. Lakers Kobe Bryant-One of the Greatest  By : F.R.Penn-2
The Lakers are riding high, feeding off a boisterous crowd that will now be in a Kobe-induced frenzy.
53 ViewsArticles Are The Quickest Way To Your Customers Wallet  By : Mark Wilkins
One way of promoting your website and product can be achieved for free. As an additional bonus, this “free” method can boost your sites and sales, doubling and even tripling your income.

Articles. One of the easiest ways to promote your website in order to generate traffic and increase your earnings.

How does this work?
53 ViewsHow To Get A Girlfriend Easily  By : My Relationship Tips
Ever wondered why it is easier for some guys to get a girlfriend and harder for others to get one? With all things equal, looks, status, intelligence, attitude and personality make the difference. In fact, most girls even go for the personality than for anything else.

It is actually quite easy if you just overcome the initial fear and anxiety. Here are some tips on how to get a girlfriend in the easiest, most pain-free way possible.

Get out there
One of the most basi...
53 ViewsPoker Cheats: The Mechanics Grip  By : J Finney
Many players have learned how to successfully cheat at the game of poker. One such cheating method is mastering the art of stacking the deck. To master this skill one has to be good with sleight of hand. This is done by a special way of holding the deck of cards that allows the deck to be manipulated, or stacked, one of these special ways is called the Mechanic’s Grip.

To help you better understand this cheat, pick up a deck of cards as if you were getting ready to deal. Y...
53 ViewsWhat To Eat While Camping  By : Gray Rollins -
One of the most fun times you can have while camping is cooking for the group. Cooking is generally done over a fire or on a grill. You should bring foods that are easy to store and keep fresh. You should include snacks for the trail as well as foods to prepare for each meal. Perishable items should be stored in a refrigerator or in a cooler on ice.

Start your day off right with a breakfast that will get you ready for a day of hiking or exploring. Slice up some...
52 ViewsCitation Machines  By : Peter Vermeeren
What are citation machines? As per definition, “citation machines are web tools designed to assist teachers/ writers in modelling the proper use of information”. It may look as a complete definition to the common reader – but it actually does not say much. The first time someone mentioned “citation machines” phrase to me, I was stumped. And I am a regular user of the net, with a moderate knowledge of the Internet and surfing. So, in order to understand the term, ‘citation mac...
52 ViewsThings I have learned  By : Jan Michaels
Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night. But if you do, sleep in the bathtub ...
If you are extremely drunk and swear you will never drink too much again, you WILL forget this when you are sober.
51 ViewsTaking advantage of Open Source PHP MySQL applications  By : tcwicks
1) Where can I find a decent Intranet Application?
2) What about a good Groupware application?
3) What about a custom search engine for our intranet pages?

These questions are asked quite frequently in hundreds of forums.
51 ViewsThe Meanings of Different Cooking Terms  By : Justin Brown
Cooking can be very satisfying, and learning about the different ways to cook and finding new; different recipes to experiment in the kitchen is exciting. Read on to take a look at the terminologies that are commonly used in the kitchen.
50 ViewsA Brief History Of Magic  By : Preston Houer -
With magic, illusions, spells, tricks and ceremonials are usually performed for entertainment. It is a supernatural power which makes the seemingly impossible occur.

'Looking Back'

In ancient Egypt, there was a magician named Dedi who performed in front of a crowd, where he supposedly beheaded two birds and one ox. He eventually restored the heads of these three animals.

Because of this, the Egyptians were considered to be the first magicians recorded in history.

50 ViewsLooking To Increase Employee Performance? Motivation Is Critical.  By : Dick Grote -
What’s an organization to do when all of its honest and genuine efforts to motivate Sally and Sam to come to work on time, work safely, deliver efficient services, and act as if they were happy to be a part of the team, fail? There is no shortage of pop-psych books and motivational speakers who’ll tell you a thousand-and-one ways to light a fire in Sam’s belly. But what do you do when the fire goes out and none of those thousand-and-one ways seem to work any more? What do we ...
49 ViewsLearn to Improve Sales - 10 Ways to Get More Business Starting Today  By : Marie Gervacio
You need sales... yesterday. You want more sales today and tomorrow. Get 10 ideas to increase business here and start implementing them today.
49 ViewsAd Copy Sparklers – 10 Ways to Spark Interest in Your Customers  By : Marie Gervacio
Add a little sparkle to your ad copy and increase your sales.
48 ViewsBlogging for Business - Should You?  By : Guy.T
So you've heard that having a blog is a good idea for your
business, but are you sure WHY it's important? Understanding how
blogs operate and how to use them for your business will give you
great payoffs for your investment of time and energy. Not using
your blog effectively will simply waste this fantastic resource.
48 ViewsBuild Big Muscles Fast. Gain Muscle Mass Guide  By : Chris Chew
So you want to build big muscles? Simple isn't it? Just join a gym and hit those weights regularly and viola, in a couple of months, you will gain so much muscle mass that you are ready to take on any bodybuilding contest. Is it really that simple to build big muscles? Well, to gain muscle mass, there is much more than just hitting the gym regularly. Here are some muscle mass gaining tips :-

a) Eat and Eat - To build muscles, you must eat. Your calorie consumption must be ...
48 ViewsImage linking and copyright violation  By : Lakhya
Do not link to images on another site using the img tag without explicit permission from the site owner!
47 ViewsTypes of Allergies  By : Jack Smith
People who suffer from allergies of a specific type are usually prone to allergies from various other substances. These substances, called allergens, range from common indoor household substances like dust particles, mold and mildew, pet dander, chemical emissions from cleaning agents, to biological organisms found in carpeting and furnishings.
47 ViewsGniche Wedding Invitation Sites Taking Over Wedding Invitation Market  By : Renae C. Judkins
Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, so she will go to great lengths to make sure her dress is an original and her centerpieces are unlike any she has ever seen.

But what about her wedding invitations?
47 ViewsHow To Approach A Woman And Score  By : Amit Laufer -
A lot of men preceive the task of starting a conversation with a woman especially if she is highly attractive stranger a hard and discomforting one. Besides that, they typically take the wrong attitude of being too nice and over openhanded with flowers, paying for dinners and expressing their lack of confidence and low self esteem.

The women on their part are not attracted to unconfident, dishonest, wussy men. They will either decline him on the spot or possibly worse take...
47 ViewsRunning Tips For All Four Seasons  By : Gray Rollins -
Running is one of the best ways to get into shape and to stay in great condition, because it is a sport you can practice on your own time, at your own pace, and without a lot of fancy equipment. However, making running your primary mode of exercise can prove to be a bit problematic because it puts your fitness at the mercy of the elements. Running on a crisp fall afternoon is a lot different than trying to hit the sidewalks for a great run in the heat of a scorching August da...
46 ViewsI Can't Find My Homework, Mom! A Story about Faith  By : Laurie Meade
Do you believe in asking God, or whatever higher power you choose to believe in, for the answers you need, when you need them? Read below for an enlightening story about my 11 year old daughter's missing homework papers.

The problem started when my daughter took a break from her homework to eat dinner. She asked me if she could take it in her room and work on it while watching TV.
46 ViewsTips to Stick To Your Diet  By : Nathalie Lussier
Do you have a hard time keeping up with your weight loss diet or your exercise regime? Look no further to discover the ways you can stay in touch with your dieting needs. It's all about perseverance and keeping your eyes on the goal, but sometimes we just need a little bit of a nudge to keep going.
46 ViewsCheap Date Ideas For Couples  By : My Relationship Tips
Want a Memorable yet Affordable Date? Follow These Cheap Date Ideas

Dating is all about finding out about the other person, if you are on your “best” behavior, the real you won’t be able to shine through. Find out what your date likes, what he/she dislikes, what his/her views are on social issues, and the like. If you are on a date, you should have fun; it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Commonly, the most important step when dating someone is the anticipation moment which re...
46 ViewsWhat Should I Look For In A Metal Detector?  By : Simon Oliver
If you are planning to buy a metal detector, you should check out the features of each before buying one. Metal detecting is a fun hobby but having the wrong equipment can cost you time and money.

When buying a metal detector consider the price. If the metal detector offers the best features of a then expect it to be expensive. If having fewer features is all right with you, go for a less expensive one. Metal detectors can run from as low as $50 to higher than $400.

46 ViewsBroadband Users – Stop Hacker Attacks With Firewall Software  By : Kwan Lo
The popularity of broadband access increases the need for sophisticated firewall software. Read our short report to see how firewall software can protect your computer.

Broadband access is also known as high-speed internet access. The popularity of broadband access is increasing these days. It is because broadband access is much faster than a dial-up connection. There is no need of dialing. Consumers can use the phone line while they are connected to the internet. The down...
46 ViewsPassive Revenue Generators that work while you sleep  By : Daviyd Peterson
It's the new year and as work at home mommies (WAHMs) and
stay at home moms (SAHMs) Plan on making 2006 better than
last year the one goal on their minds is added streams of
revenue generators. If this is not what you are looking for then read
no further.
45 ViewsEurope’s Property Prices To Plunge In 2006  By : Tribune
Holiday home prices in some areas of Europe could drop by ten per cent or more in 2006, predict European real estate specialists Tribune Properties.

Could this be the time to get a bargain, or would your money be better off in a bank than property?
45 ViewsProtect Eyes – Avoid Eyestrain  By : Sharon Hopkins -
In today’s world, with the predominance of television, computers and videos, people of all ages are suffering from eyestrains. Driving a car and living in the city full of smog can be other main reasons for eyestrains. The common symptom of eyestrain is the blurry appearance of the letters on the computer screen or in the print of the page, which normally appear clear. The eyes hurt so bad that you are forced to shut them for some time.

The most common remedies to cure thi...
44 Views3 More Common E-Mail Problems And What To Do About Them  By : Marv Ko
As we continue to evolve into the world of e-mail that is part of our everyday life, sometimes little problems arise that bother the user. Previously we talked about returned messages and lost connections, both which can be aggravating, and supplied solutions. But there are a few more problems that can affect an e-mail user causing frustration and we will address these here, and again provide reasonable solutions to over come them.
44 ViewsThings You Ought To Know First Before Undergoing Liposuction Surgery  By : Charlene J. Nuble
Liposuction is not as easy as just going to the doctor and telling him or her, "I want a liposuction right now." People who want to have liposuction must meet certain criteria:
44 ViewsGood Computer Maintenance - Part One  By : Marv Ko
Normally we think of maintenance as a chore, something we have to do to keep things running smoothly and prevent problems down the road, whether with our car, house, or computer. But with a PC, maintenance can actually be fun ... approached from the right perspective.
44 ViewsGuitar Lessons – Playing Harmonics  By : Bill McRea
A harmonic is a tone that’s created by the guitar by touching the string above a fret on an open vibrating string. There are 2 types of harmonics Natural and Artificial or I prefer to call them pinch harmonics.

Natural Harmonics

Natural Harmonics can be produced by touching your index finger on your fret-hand above at the 5th, 7th or 12th fret. Just place your finger on the string above the fret, don’t press to hard or you will mute the note, pluck the note and then p...
44 ViewsAvoiding Common Work At Home Scams  By : Wendy Betterini -
Scammers are getting more creative every day, coming up with new schemes to get your money (or sensitive information). Knowledge is power! By educating yourself on the common scams and keeping aware about new ones, you can stop the scammers in their tracks. Remember, if no one fell for their tactics, they would be out of business! Here are some of the most common scams today:

Stuffing Envelopes - There are no legitimate envelope-stuffing jobs out there. Please don't fool y...
44 ViewsBender Retires from NBA  By : Julie Smith
Jonathan Bender announced his departure from NBA after playing only two games this season. The reason of his retirement is a medical condition in his knees, problem that he has been dealing with during his entire six year professional career.
43 ViewsRoyals Put Malta Hotels Back On Map  By : Tribune
The visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the island of Malta to open the recent Commonwealth meeting resulted in nearly a week of positive coverage for the island on television, print media and the internet.

While Malta has often been overlooked as a holiday destination, the coverage has come immediately before the traditional holiday booking period for the summer with Malta hotels, holiday companies and property agents hoping that it will boost awareness of this often forgotten island.
43 Views14 Household Ways To Protect Your Computer From Viruses  By : Marv Ko
Computer viruses are deadly. They often spread without any apparent contact and can be a nuisance, or even worse, fatal to your computer. Individuals who create these viruses, estimated at 10-15 new ones a day, are the electronic version of terrorists.
43 Views10 Basic WoW Gold Farming Tips  By : Ruibo Chen
There are many great ways to farm World of Warcraft gold. Our basic 10 step guide will help you make the most WoW gold out of your time.
42 Views4 Baby Care Tidbits Every Parent Should Know!  By : Melida Cohen
New parents face many problems and issues that they are expected to understand and deal with immediately. Unfortunately, newborns do not come with an instruction book so here are a few topics that you may need to know about.

Bathing your baby: Until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off one to two weeks after their birth, only give her sponge baths. A cotton ball or cotton swab dampened with alcohol can help to dry the umbilical stump or follow your pediatrician’s directio...
42 Views15 Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Blog  By : David Riewe -
There are many factors that make blogs much better than normal WebPages including the speed at which blogs are indexed, ability to submit to blog directories & normal directories, pings and track backs. All these little things can help drive more traffic to blogs. Here are 15 popular techniques you can use:

1.) Create at least four keyword posts per day. Most of the top blogs such as Boing Boing, Daily Kos, and Instapundit (with literally tens of thousands of visitors per...
42 ViewsNatural Environmentally-Friendly Household Cleaners  By : Debi Harris
Many people use a vast array of chemical-laden household cleaners and products around the home on a daily basis. What they may not be aware of is the fact that many of these chemicals can be damaging to their health when inhaled.
42 ViewsHow To Choose A Good Tuner From The Bad  By : Robert Thatcher -
Choosing a tuner for your system is of little difference from choosing other components. When auditioning other components, people are primarily concerned with their sound quality, not their technical performance.

For example, if a preamplifier under audition sounds good, you do not need to worry much about its technical performance. Because .if it sounds good, then it is working well.

Tuners, on the other hand, exhibit great variability in their technical performance...
41 ViewsEffects of Cocaine  By : Jack Smith
Cocaine has enormously devastating side effects which can eventually be fatal. It acts extremely rapidly and its short term side effects can even be experienced by a person who has used it just once.
41 ViewsFishing Tackle Guidelines  By : Travis Clemens -
Fishing can be an extremely enjoyable and relaxing adventure. As long as you have the right tools, the fishing safety knowledge, and a little bit of support from friends or family, you could perform your fishing successfully.

However, the most overlooked factor in buying equipments is choosing the right fishing tackle. You should follow these simple guidelines in the selection of tackles.

1) You should choose the appropriate fishing flies that you would be using to catc...
41 ViewsHow change mismanagement created an industry  By : Harry Greene
Current static organizations need periodic re-organization. Change implementation creates periodic upheaval. Currently enterprises lack a foundation for business change. So, they use consultants to implement change. After implementation, they have other problems from the way change was implemented. So, consultants devised "change management" services to solve problems created in change. Is this the answer, to use consultants to create problems and hire the consultants to solve the problems?
40 Views5 Simple, Free and Easy Ways to Show Your Kids How Much You Care  By : Laurie Meade
In the endless routine of daily life it is easy to get sidetracked and focus on what goes wrong rather than what is right with your life. Use the following tips to show your kids how much you care on a daily basis.
40 ViewsWant To Start Your Own Business In 2006? Get Into The Travel Industry  By : Ron Holmes
While the economy has been good to some people, it has been less than stellar for others. Many people are feeling squeezed between high energy prices and jobs that are always cutting back.

NOW may be exactly the right time to start your own home-based business. Unlike a traditional brick and mortar business, you don't need to borrow thousands to get your home-based business started. You won't need to rent an office, hire employees, or even pay much tax.

The next questio...
40 ViewsWedding Theme Central: Vegas, Baby  By : Amy K. Spade
Who hasn’t thought of getting married in Las Vegas at some point or another? Whether it’s the glitz and the glamor of the city or just the fun environment, you might want to take that and put it into your own wedding.

And you won’t have to run off and elope to do it either. Bring everyone with you.
Blue suede shoes?

No, you don’t have to have the groom dress up as Elvis to have a traditional Vegas wedding—although that’s not a bad idea.

You can start off the wedding...
39 ViewsIs There Something Sinister About Caller ID Spoofing?  By : Rito Salomone
Proponents of this technology laud its uses for law enforcement and private investigators. They claim the technology protects agents from being discovered in undercover operations. Agents can freely make pretext calls to criminal elements by using caller ID spoofing. A pretext call is one that allows law enforcement to solicit information over the telephone by representing themselves as someone else.
39 ViewsDon't Read This Article - I Dare You!  By : Aaron Potts
See? It worked! The title said 'Don't Read This Article - I Dare You!', and here you are reading it anyway. Victory for me and my amazing psychic abilities?


Actually, this Maiden Voyage article of The Don't Chronicles has but one goal: to teach you the power of negative thinking! No, I don't mean that you should give up on your positive attitude. I mean that people don't like to be told "DON'T!"

Think about it. Why did you read this article? Defiance? Curiosi...
39 Views7 Killer Ways To Multiply Your Sales Overnight  By : Andrew Heuw
Today we’re going to cover 7 ways you can do to maximize various aspects of your sales process, it’ll need just 15 minutes to do, but the results will pay off many times over on ongoing basis.

1. Promote Other People’s Product

After your customer buy your product, you can put that customer on different lists and follow up them with auto responder. You could follow up right away with thank you message for purchasing your product and put recommended note promoting affili...
38 ViewsFind Out What Kind Of Wedding Gown Suits You  By : Amy K. Spade
If images of white dresses are dancing in your head, then you must have been recently engaged. Of course, many women have had an image of their wedding in their head since the time they were born, but will the real life live up to your dream?

Capturing a personality

Although it may seem that all wedding dresses are alike, there are many ways to capture individual styles. White may be the traditional wedding gown color, but more brides are choosing off-white or a light c...
38 ViewsSpeed Reading - Getting The Main Idea  By : Rene Graeber -
Getting the main idea in reading is central to effective studying.

You must learn what the author's central idea is, and understand it in your own way.

Every paragraph contains a main idea. Main ideas are perfect for outlining textbooks. Make it a habit to find the main idea in each paragraph you read.

Extracting Important Details

Extracting important details mean that you locate in your reading main and most significant ideas.

There is usually one important...
37 ViewsWebsite Traffic Needs A Driver  By : Mike Burke
If you want your website to be successful, you need to take control of the marketing - you need to be the 'driver' of your website traffic marketing machine.
37 ViewsWhy Choose First Class Travel?  By : Tom Antion
Today, when airlines offer more economy seating and more cut-rate fares, some customers and industry watchers predict the end of first class travel. It's too early to mourn the end of first class travel, though.
37 ViewsWhich Affiliate Programs Do I Personally Recommend?  By : Tim Knox -
I personally receive over a dozen checks and commission payments every month from various affiliate programs that I promote.

Last month, those checks totaled more than $10,000 and some months they have been as high as $25,000.

Given my success as an affiliate marketer, I'm often asked what affiliate programs I personally recommend.

The answer is easy because it's actually a pretty short list.

First, let me explain what an affiliate program is.

Affiliate prog...
37 ViewsLiving With A Food Allergy  By : Joe Goertz -
Living with a food allergy can be a daunting experience. Many people have a food allergy which ranges from mild to severe. There are people who experience a light red rash after eating something they are allergic to while others can face death if they even touch the food that causes their allergy.

A very common type of food allergy is to eggs. Many children develop this food allergy when they are infants. The parents have to be conscious of each and everything the child c...
37 ViewsHow To Make A Cheap Guitar Sound Great  By : John Hilbert
Simple modifications to low cost guitars can make them sound just as good as expensive ones.
37 ViewsEradication of Poverty with the Launch of the Bio-Fuel Investment Opportunity in Mozambique  By : Johan Horak
Mozambique Government’s objective is to eradicate poverty through private enterprise with the launch of 3.5 million hectare bio-fuel project. Where investors will create wealth and uplift the local community.
37 ViewsSecret Millionaire Strategy Exposed  By : Zamri Nanyan
Is there really a secret in becoming a millionaire? People have been asking on how to make their millions at the earliest time possible. Most of our parents used to tell us to get our college degrees from famous universities so that Fortune 500 companies will be able to hire and package very attractive salaries for us. As we get on board a company we aimed for from college, we then work our way up the corporate ladder and our dispensable income increases as well.
36 ViewsAir Pollution – A Distressing Reality  By : Jack Smith
Today, air pollution has become a distressing reality in most parts of the world. Ecologists never tire to remind us about the need to maintain the delicate environmental balance between humans and plants to ensure the healthy survival of the human species.
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